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Float Dreams: Integrating the benefits of floatatation into your life and work.

-Float Dreams provides the resources you need to fully enjoy floating.

-How to acquire and install a tank for private use.

-Establishing a floatation tank center.

-Research on the benefits of floating.

- A directory of places to float.

Shoshana Leibner, Float Dream's founder, has helped install hundreds of tanks worldwide.

- Shoshana's company is the industry experts for floaing in the floatation industry

- Instrumental in creating industry standards for sanitation, water quality and maintanance.

Float Dreams currently engaged Floatation Tank Association, Epsom Salt Council and Dr. Justin Feinstein to publish research on the impact of floating.

We encourage you to join the Floatation Tank Association.

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"Nothing is Something Worth Doing." by J.C. Lilly